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Abant tour


Any time of year for visitors dressed up in a beauty that offers four seasons of visual feast Abant, Bolu is located at 34 km to the south. Especially in Istanbul and Ankara, which is located close to the weekend getaway with the address of Abant, nature alone to die, tailor-made to fill your lungs with fresh air! Each season, which is home to lovely views of the Abant each other, the right place to make your stay pleasant and peaceful time with almost all shades of green hosting from the lake surrounded by a forest consists though it offers activities …

This region is a place with nearby attractions can be made in Abant and activities will remain with the natural beauty bewitch you like more. Mother Nature is filled with goodies donated to withhold Abant Lake of attractions in Abant, oxygen level is pretty high if you want to walk with this beautiful place in clean air springs for You , you can give a little break feast of sausage bread or surrounding natural berries, mushrooms, can collect from rosehip and strawberry.