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Bursa Uludağ tours

Bursa, the fourth largest city of Turkey, is full of beautiful sights of its picturesque mountains and sceneries. With its historic nature, Bursa tour will fulfill your travel fantasies. You will be able to unveil the true colours of the beauty of Turkey along with discovering the production of the native delicacies of the country, right in front of your eyes.

  • Discover the attractions of the city in Green Bursa tour with your own eyes.
  • A visit to the renowned Silk Market of the city, known for its architectural beauty,
  • Going to the top of the beautiful Uludag Mountain through cable cars (telefrik), where you can enjoy the beauty of the country from the top.
  • A succulent barbeque lunch at the top of the Uludag Mountain, where you can enjoy the view whilst having your meal.
  • For ski lovers, there will be a provision to get to a higher altitude of the mountain for skiing in Bursa tour.
  • A visit to the historical tree of the mountain, which is specially known for its unique beauty.
  • A trip to the factory of Turkish delight and a factory of honey.
  • A visit to the famous Bosphorus Bridge located in Istanbul.

National Park was established in an area, including 11,000 hectares of winter snow in the ski resort it is find 3 meters. A total of 11 units in the ski resort where the main track, 13-lift ski lifts 7 units, there are also 6-lifts. The longest track is the total runway length of 2 km in Uludag is located approximately 25 km in length. Uludag can explore the day tours await you for an unforgettable winter vacation. Staying in luxury hotels in Uludag you can enjoy the unique nature of each other. Uludag ski tour with accommodation options to suit every budget, a favorite of those who want to escape the chaos of everyday life is a vacation.[/vc_column_text]

What to Eat in Uludag?

One of the favorite resort of Uludag Winter tourism is also very good at cooking. in this place you can find a suitable dining options for all tastes, you can enjoy a barbecue on the snow you can eat in restaurants or cafes in the warm atmosphere and delicious dishes. You can also find in the places where famous Bursa Alexander.

Things to Do in Uludag

You can discover the daily tours or weekend tours Uludag, it has a unique location surrounded by forest. Winter season is one of the indispensable stops Uludag offers various options to visitors. hiking in the snow, this place is for you if you want to play snowballs or camping!

Koza Han Cumalikizik Imperial Gate, Arsenal, Suuçtu Falls, Lake Uluabat, Irgandı Bridge, Tirilye, the Grand Mosque, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the French Church, Geruş synagogue, Republic Street, Victory Plaza and many more historic place you can go to Bursa city center. The number one choice for skiing enthusiasts Uludağ ski tours is a great choice for all ages from small to large.