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Dolmabahçe tours

Dolmabahce palace by the Ottoman palace of the sultan reigns Khan built the largest and most beautiful palace started construction in 1848, was completed in 1856. Obtained by filling the sea .Before filling the bay, northwest of the reign of Sultan Suleiman Khan built on the slopes of Qasr-i Cihannuma.

After placing the filling, Sultan Ahmed Khan’s first hunting lodge in small palace, Sultan Mehmed the fourth and third sultan Ahmed Khan’s palace was made. First Sultan Abdulhamid Han instead of removing the old mansion, with a boathouse built a new palace with ornate Iranian style and tiles. Here already built Besiktas coast yıktırılıp palace was built instead of the Dolmabahce palace. architect of Dolmabahce palace, it is the era of the famous Armenian architect and son Nikogos Gabert Amira Balyan Balyan.