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Pamukkale tours

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stroll along with white travertine rock plateaus and hear about the site’s geology. Also You will visit the ancient city of Hierapolis and learn about the history of it as you discover it’s amazing ruins. You will enjoy a cleansing soak in Hierapolis natural pools and springs.

Learn about the geology of Pamukkale and see this rocks that have created a natural wonder of plateaus. Gaze over Pamukkale’s mineral deposits and hear this hot bath water is 200 meter down the cliffside to create the appearance of snowy terraces.

Stop to take photos of this amazing site then continue to the ancient city of Hierapolis to observe its history ruins and dip into the hot springs.which have been restored and converted into an archaeological museum.

Spend free time relaxing into this pools and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit (entrace fees at your own expenses). Then stop for lunch at our traditional restaurant then have a walking tour through Hierapolis.

Other significant sites include the Temple of Apollo, the Necropolis and the Nymphaeum.